Why do I cry all the time?

woman-cryingI must begin this post by advising that I work in an assisting role in an emergency room. So I obviously see and have seen some pretty bad things. I compartmentalize my feelings when I am there to the point that some people probably think me cold-hearted. But it seems that in non-work mode, ever since I turned 30, I cry at the drop of a hat.

Here are some examples:

*crying while driving the 2 hours to see my boyfriend because a song came on the radio (“OMG! Sugarland’s ‘Stay’!”)
*crying because someone on TV/in a movie is crying
*crying when I read some FB posts (not
Just from the grammar)
*crying at my favorite band’s concert.

Does anyone else feel they have become more emotional after 30? Or do I have an imbalance? What else seems to have changed for you emotionally since 30?


3 thoughts on “Why do I cry all the time?

  1. The year I turned 30 was the year I officially felt grown up. I was married in my 20’s and had a child, but in my opinion people don’t reach real adulthood until their 30’s. So, it was then that I knew I had to grow up in all aspects of my life. What I have learned however, is that growing up is not a quick process. It takes a lot of work to get where you need/want to be and for some it may be a lifelong journey.

  2. Oooh! I’m under 30 (28), and I cry alllllll the time, including anytime anyone gets emotional or sings in any movie, commercial, or television show. Maybe I’ll do a reverse and be able to compartmentalize my feelings when I turn 30. In my last few years of working as a teacher the number of times I cried at work was in the dozens. Maybe even more than that.

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