Inspired by a song

There’s a song I’ve heard several times lately, and every time I hear it, it grows on me a little bit more. “Merry Go Round” by Kacey Musgraves delivers lyrics that make me pause and admire their cleverness. Perhaps it’s just the catchy nature of the song, or the fact that lately I’ve been questioning…well, everything, but the lyrics really grabbed my attention:

“tiny little boxes in a row/ain’t what you want it’s what you know”


How true is this for so many of us? Why do we work so hard for things we think we want, only to be unsatisfied once we get them? What is it we’re missing from our lives?

“Mary Mary quite contrary/we get bored so we get married/ and just like dust we settle in this town”

For me, I know I never truly challenged myself or the beliefs I’ve had since childhood until a few years ago (thus the title of this blog), and I am currently feeling restless. I think it’s because I am changing, physically, mentally, emotionally. I’m no longer accepting of the cookie cutter lifestyle people feel I “should” be living. I can’t change how other people think but I can change my own viewpoint and it is a sea change carried out in tiny revolutions…


One thought on “Inspired by a song

  1. The “cookie cutter” life isn’t life at all if it’s not want you need or where you need to be. Someone tonight said people must first figure out what they need in life, not necessarily what they want and “think” will make them happy. Once they figure out what they need they can work towards it and then they will find the true happiness they seek. Often times what we want is not what we need and ultimately ends up becoming what we despise.

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