Why am I writing this blog?

Confused lady funny

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the last few days. I don’t intend for this to be  a journal, but obviously my personal experiences play a large role in what I write about.

I’m questioning  a lot of things, as I think a lot of people my age are doing. Am I happy with my job, with my love life, with my familial relationships, my body?

My life is undergoing a lot of change. Through blogging and the connections I have made with other writers, I am finding I am not alone and I’m also hearing great suggestions on things I feel “stuck” on. My hope is that people will read my blog, and feel good knowing I feel the same way they do about a certain situation.

I’m not an expert on blogging, writing, fitness, fashion, love, money or a lot of things, but I’m not afraid to try almost anything. I think that’s how we learn the most about ourselves and it never hurts to tell your story.

I’d love to hear why everyone else blogs/writes/paints/creates. What is it that fuels your passion?




2 thoughts on “Why am I writing this blog?

  1. For me, it is definitely a self-discovery act. The more I write the clearer my thoughts become the more truth I uncover about myself. I’ve also discovered that I have an urge to spread this self-discovery bug, I want to reach as many people as possible and hopefully get them questioning some personal quirks and what they could mean.

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