Power Struggle

I've been to one therapy session, but I can tell this time is different. I am so tired of how I had been feeling. I can't put my finger on what one thing has made me feel this way, but it's there in the back of my mind and it makes me smile.  I like knowing that even though I will be rehashing old hurts, I will be able to find new ways to deal with them.  A clean start, if you will.

The years since I turned 28 have been eye-opening and I feel that I am just starting to discover who I really am. I want to be the best version of myself, which is why I am looking for help now.  The thought of going to therapy probably doesn't usually inspire thoughts of excitement, but for me it does. This is a chance for me to empower myself, to become exactly who I was meant to be. I am thrilled to feel that power my ex had over me getting weaker. I am starting to view him with wry disgust, as I probably always should have.

I am finally making my life my own, and it's a heady, wonderful rush.  Learning to love myself is difficult, but obviously rewarding. I can only hope things continue to improve from here.