Interwebz Friends R Awesome

One of the greatest things about the interwebs is the ability to connect with people you otherwise might never meet. The erudite Julia at is one of those people. We are both battling different problems, but it feels good knowing if I have to be on the battlefield, I’ve got a sister at my side.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Julia’s “Flash Fiction” yet, run and read it all right now. Seriously. Good stuff that gets your writing mojo flowing. Julia is giving away a copy of her “Loose Lips Brigade” “check out the link below for more good reading!

I’m very happy to give props to an amazing young lady whose posts make me say “how did you get in my brain?”

    Goodreads Book Giveaway 


        The Loose Lip Brigade by Julia Newman



          The Loose Lip Brigade     


          by Julia Newman     



            Giveaway ends May 14, 2013.         


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