Spa Sunday part deux

I had so much fun reviewing my favorite items from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve last week. I did get a few more items from them, but haven’t had them long enough to really develop an opinion on them. There are a few more products/things I wanted to discuss this week, however.

  • Dr. Jart’s BB Cream. This is fast replacing foundation in my daily beauty routine. Sufficiently moisturizing without being greasy, this formula also provides a touch more coverage than most tinted moisturizers I have tried. I love that it is lightweight and improves my skin as I wear it.
  • Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. Giggle-inducing name aside, this is serious lip moisture. Fully covering, without being sticky or waxy, it even withstood my bad habit of chewing my lips and the crappy Northeastern winter we are struggling through.
  • Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Spray. Amazing scent! Detangles and conditions without leaving your hair a stringy greasy mess.
  • Other fun stuff:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinse for your hair. Not as smelly as you might think. It restores your hair’s pH and removes residue. Mix one part vinegar with one part warm water and use after you shampoo. You can add in herbs (ie;rosemary) for added healing properties.  The vinegar smell vanishes once hair is dry!

    • a gluten-free diet (ok maybe this isn’t “fun” per se). I have a food allergy that is tricky to eat with, as it is not always listed on labels. It sneaks into certain breads/crackers/pasta, so gluten-free foods are the safest for me to eat. I am a pizza and bread addict, so it’s hard, but I am actively trying the GF versions of these. I know this is not sounding like much of a recommendation to go gluten free but I will tell you what it has done for me.  I sleep much better, even with my goofy hospital work schedule. I have a flat stomach (never had that before, even in my teens!) and have lost 10 pounds. Most importantly, I haven’t had the awful cramping and less than ladylike trips to the bathroom as I did before.

      So, that’s pretty much a recap of what I am trying/doing/enjoying at present. If you have something you’re loving health or beauty-wise, share your experience!


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