Quiet Bliss

I like when I have happy posts to write. I’ve been feeling so much better since starting therapy. A lot of it is due to changing my way of thinking. Through the interwebs, I have come into contact with amazing people who are helping me take what I have learned in therapy and realistically apply it to my life.
A huge thank you to: Danielle Dowling, PhD (danielle-dowling.com) for your down-to-earth take on human chemistry and biology and for being an overall firecracker. Thank you to Mara Glatzel (maraglatzel.com) for your writing prompts homework, which is part of what inspired this post. Thanks also to Nicole Antoinette (lifelessbullshit.com) for helping me find that inner ass kicker I seem to have lost.
But the biggest thank you goes out to my boyfriend. Until I met him, I had only experienced selfish, one sided relationships. Now I have love, a best friend, unflappable supporter and cuddle buddy. His gentle, unassuming and selfless love fills me with such calm and warmth.
J, you are worth every struggle I ever experienced and I am thrilled to be yours. ♥


5 thoughts on “Quiet Bliss

  1. That’s fantastic, doll. I hope I can find someone like that!
    I relate to you. For so long my inner dialogue was, “I want to die.” So I did for a while. Then after feeling dead it started to say “I want to live” and I feel so much better since.

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