Random Thoughts at 4 am

I currently have so many things going on in my life, mostly all good. But having a lot of plates in the air means my mind doesn’t always shut down. I’ve lost some sleep trying to make sure I get everything done the way I want it done. But I am aware I need to balance and have fun. So I bring to you my insomniac thoughts from this morning, as they are amusing.

  • “I am not, in fact, getting the best sleep I ever had with a cold thank you not at all, NyQuil”
  • “did I make a lunch for tomorrow? Yeah.. no wait that was the other day, no it was today”
  • “I’d really really like to go to the Cook Islands. But I have no money. Or vacation time”
  • best thing…the song “Lazy Sunday” in my head.


What kind of weird/awesome/amusing thoughts keep you up at night? Share ’em in the comments, we’ll analyze them!


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts at 4 am

  1. Ha Lisa I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been up till 5 the past 3 days because honestly that is the only time when I can sit down and write without interruptions, distractions, and in complete silence. Now my whole circadian rhythm is all whack, but at least I’m doing what I love. Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

  2. Oh my god I am terrible with making plans for things to do, songs to write, videos to direct.. It’s ridiculous the way inspiration always comes to me at night and undermines my sleep. And then I just want to get up and do stuff!

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