To Any One Struggling

I could feed you platitudes, cheerleader-y messages. But I won’t. I’ll just tell you I understand. I’ve been struggling of late. You know it’s a cycle. I can feel the upswing starting on mine. It’s just hard, what with the things spinning around in your head-generally in your own voice. Those things make everything seem chaotic, disjointed, overwhelming.

But are they? Take a closer, clearer look. They aren’t so bad. Now maybe you can find a way out of this mindset.  Breathe. Be still. The world will not end if you fail, but perhaps you’re putting too broad a label on your “failures”. You are human, and as such, imperfect. But you are still beautiful and talented. You still love and hope and dream and sing and create and rage. 

Remember that you aren’t alone in struggling. You aren’t alone in failing or succeeding. 

You are not alone.


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