Spa Sunday returns!

Yay it’s time to write a happy post about beauty products again!! Whooo!!! Ok, got that out of my system. So since I wrote my last Spa Sunday, I’ve tried several products from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve. I tried a body butter in Vanilla Bean scent, the sunflower and soapnut shampoo bar and a lavender shampoo bar. The lavender shampoo bar was a bit too much for my thin hair. I tried the prescribed apple cider vinegar rinse, but it still made my hair gummy. So I tried the sunflower and soapnut shampoo bar.  Much, much better! My hair felt clean, no icky static or gummy feeling. It smelled good, too! So that choice definitely a success, and glad Chagrin Valley offers sample size so I’m not stuck with a giant shampoo bar I can’t really use. The whipped body butter is so amazing! I have very dry skin and I would “warm” this up by rubbing it briskly between my hands before I applied. It kept me from being flaky and the vanilla bean scent was wonderful! I will be ordering a new supply soon!

I tried/am trying a new line of facial skin care items that labels itself as “plant stem cell based”.  The name is Eclos Beauty, a division of Freeman products.  I got the Anti-Aging Starter Kit. For $20, I got: facial wash, eye cream, facial serum, facial scrub, clay mask and cream, all in little TSA approved sized bottles. I’m on the fence about this. I suppose I can review again once I have used everything up. Here’s the pros so far: all the products smell great, the serum and creams aren’t greasy, the scrub was gentle but effective. My cons: I am breaking out. Not sure it’s due to the new items, it may be just from my level of activity and not washing off my makeup very well.  So, going to give the products a bit more of a chance before I say “no” to them in the future.

Eclos Kit

All of the items I have been trying out are natural (or at least labeled as such) as I’ve become increasingly aware of what I’m putting in, on or near my body. I am going to try a “regular chemical” soap again once I finish up the Eclos.  Also, a coworker has recommended the Origins line and I’m looking into henna hair dye as my hair is not liking the store bought ones too much any longer. So, look for reviews on all these products soon.

If  you’ve tried any products and you’d like to tell the world how much you love them, send me an email and you could be a guest poster!


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