My Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Tragedy

By now, we’ve all read/heard/seen the horrible news about the bombings at the Boston Marathon. I am so incredibly grateful that my friends who were running it are safe. Not everyone is so lucky. I think we all lost a little something more today.

This particular attack infuriates me. It infuriates me that there was a group running in honor of the Newtown victims and they were subject to this. It infuriates me that there were so many people running for charities and they were placed in harm’s way. It infuriates me that someone is so cold and evil to perpetrate something like this.

On a personal level, it infuriates me that such evil has permeated “my sport” of running. To me, running is not political-how can it be? It transcends wealth, age, gender, geography and religion. Running just is. It connects me to my own body, to my mind and to the Earth. Running reveals character and becomes a very human experience. We witnessed the humanity today, with runners rushing to help the injured, running to the hospital to donate blood. We saw it after Hurricane Sandy, when the much-maligned New York Marathon turned into runners helping with relief efforts. I’ve seen it personally many times-when I ran a 10k on a miserably humid day and runners were passing out and other runners aided them. I saw it when a fellow runner rolled her ankle and 10 people ran to her aid. I embodied it when I ran my first half and helped a struggling runner keep from passing out. 

To think that such a terrible, inhumane act has tarnished my favorite sport is heartbreaking. I’ve had several people ask me if I plan to still run my half marathons this year. The answer is a resounding “hell yes”. I will not allow the cowardly atrocity of today take away my love of running. I will not let it make me afraid to participate. I will not let it sway my opinion of humanity. 

I am massively undertrained for my half marathon in May. Doesn’t matter.  I am running for charity and I am now also running for Boston. Not to qualify, but to partake in the spirit and compassion I have seen so many times while running. 


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