Scatterbrained on Sunday

Hello friends!

My internet connection is finally working again after my move, so I can finally write up some good posts!

The move is done, but sadly the stress is not. I’ve got a half marathon which I am vastly undertrained for in less than a week. I know in a week I’ll be feeling a lot better, it’s just getting through this busy time that has me all over the place.

I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around my head to blog about, I will try to form them and post them later this week. I’ve got some ideas regarding my conversion to a gluten free lifestyle, some thoughts on life coaching and the blogging community as a support system, and my usual posts on beauty product reviews and life in general.

A big deal for me: I’ve become part of the Healthy Living Blogs community and am branching out into writing guest posts for other blogs. So, still a lot going on but I feel blessed to have these opportunities.

Hope this week finds you well and as always, please email me at with any questions/post ideas!


Life of a Writer via seetheduck on

Life of a Writer via seetheduck on



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