I haven’t been feeling so great of late. Physically, my migraines are getting bad. Emotionally, the move was horrible. It felt like every box was full of bitterness and unfulfilled promises from my ex. My finances are a mess due to the money I had to spend on the move. But the worst would be my eating habits. I mean they’ve always been weird, what with my job and running and food allergy. But now I’m borderline bingeing.

I need to get this all under control. I’ve contacted a nutritionist to discuss proper eating for my food allergy, activity level and to control stress/boredom eating. Financially, not much I can do save go to work and list things on eBay.  Emotionally, I’m a wreck.  Lots of anger  (that I thought I was past) towards my ex resurfacing. All the thoughts of  the way he basically got rid of me like an unwanted purchase in my head are doing me no good. I’ve tried to get rid of anything that really reminds me of my ex. I’m also going on a weekend trip with my boyfriend.  I’m going for a run in the morning, and my half marathon is this Sunday. Next week I took several days off of work to basically just focus on me. I plan to rest, do yoga, eat in a normal, healthy manner, blog and finish putting things away.

I guess it’s one thing to know you’re backsliding, as long as you pick yourself up again. I won’t let this setback discourage me from creating the life I want to live.


[credit: Abbey.Rae via flickr]

[credit: Abbey.Rae via flickr]


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