Heartbreak as a Catalyst for New Beginnings

I love my blogging friends! Thanks to Raimy for the opportunity!



Here is a story about throbbing heartbreak, dissolution, and self-empowerment through blogging and running. Today, Lisa  from Latebloomlisa joins Creative-Guru as a guest writer. She shares her heartbreak and her recovery along the way. Destruction is a word associated with misfortune, but from the ruin a strong new foundation can be built in its place.

Not So Trivial Pursuits

by: Lisa Latebloom

The thing that nearly destroyed me wound up setting me free and allowing me to rebuild my life the way I want it to be. If you’ve ever read my blog posts (latebloomlisa.com) you will learn that in my last relationship my former fiancee broke my heart through betrayal, emotional manipulation and mental cruelty. Needless to say, when someone you love so much hurts you, it’s devastating.

For months following the break up I stewed. I’d given all of myself to this person and he treated me so…

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