I Think I Think Too Much

We all have that voice in our head (some of us have several) that guides us in making our choices. Sometimes that voice just won’t shut up. Insomnia, stress, indecision are all fueled by that pesky inner dialogue.

As a late bloomer, most big decisions I’ve made (referenced in my head as “Big Ass Deals”) have been made in the last several years. I can’t say they’ve all had the proper amount of foresight/planning, but I like to think I don’t go into too many things half assed and underprepared.

Of late I have been unsatisfied in the job I’ve had for 9+ years. I’m massively underpaid, overworked and I have no real life due to my insane schedule. For the last few years, I’ve had an inkling to go back to school. But for what? everyone says to go with something that interests me. Great idea, except my interests are all over the map. Brain overwhelmed again.

I completely believe in the notion of a “quarter life crisis” I mean, I’ve spent a third of my life helping others, with little concern about myself along the way. My thoughts and random musings within this very post are leading me to the conclusion that I will figure out what I want to do when I grow up once I start putting myself first.

Ahh, realization feels good. Now, time for more aspirin for thought-induced headache.

Happy Thoughts to my readers…





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