My Name is Lisa and I am addicted to beauty products

Any one who has read my Spa Sunday posts knows I love beauty products. The amount of lotions/fragrance sprays/make up items I own is borderline obscene. I honestly need to purge a lot, seeing as they’re really only good for a while after opened, and they’ve been open a loooong time in some instances.

Much like most women, I go through phases. Phases when I feel like wearing makeup and pretty dresses and have no problem plunking down $60+ for a facial serum.  Then there are times I “go athlete” when I wear only tinted moisturizer and running shorts become daily apparel. It’s largely dependent on my mood and the weather.  As a result of my appearance schizophrenia, I have amassed a large quantity of items.

A large contributing factor to the horde of beauty is my low self esteem. I keep thinking (and I do still have problems with this) that something, some lotion/serum/eyeliner/shampoo will finally make me feel beautiful. I would say I am cute rather than the typical ideal of “beautiful”. Therefore I feel like I have to overcompensate from time to time.  I’ve come a long way with self acceptance, but there is still work to be done.  Another contributing factor is Bath and Body Works’ insistence on creating scent after scent that I really like. Oy vey.

The last few years, I’ve really begun to understand that this is all just “stuff”.  None of it is essential. That being said, I do still like to make myself look nice and I have premature grey hair, so I obviously continue to do things/buy things.  I’m getting a lot better about getting rid of stuff I don’t truly need, but I think everyone would agree I need to continue to wear deodorant, wash my hair and body on a daily basis.

My recent conversion to a gluten free lifestyle has opened my eyes to more “natural” sources of beauty products. Everything from cosmetic lines billed as “organic” to coconut oil as a beauty aide.  I am becoming more and more aware of the chemicals being placed in cosmetics, and it’s a little scary-like when I found that totally 1990’s lipstick I still have scary.

Last week, I began a “controlled scientific experiment” (my words, probably not the actual definition of what I’m doing) in regards to natural/organic beauty products vs lab-created beauty products. My first experiment is with facial wash. I will report my findings in another 3 weeks, but I’m trying to see if there is a difference performance-wise between the natural and chemical.

I am finding the whole vaguely shallow beauty product posts I write help to redirect my mind from the more serious subjects I write about and who knows? Maybe my scientific experiment will help someone find a product that helps their eczema or psoriasis.  Please comment with tips/product suggestions/randomness.



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