Found: A Voice and Passion

I’ve been all over the map lately, but finding focus. I’m finding my voice as a blogger, which is harder to do than one might think. I mean, do I blog continuously about my past, the emotional abuse I endured? The struggle with self esteem and trust I have? I certainly have, but those things don’t necessarily define me. With my own evolution, I feel the things I blog about should evolve as well.

I also blog about running and nutrition. And I blog about blogging. As I said, I’m all over the map. If you look into advice on how to make a successful blog, many people will tell you to be consistent with a topic that appeals to you. “Carve out a niche”, you will read. Well, I have always defied any particular label. I am 50,000 things and one thing all at once. It’s hard for me to stick with one particular subject, but I know I’m not alone in this.

Additionally I’ve been feeling stuck in my job of late. A couple of really bad days there were enough to light a fire under my rear end to go back to school, and this time, I actually know what I want to go back to school for. It’s an empowering thing, taking back control of your life. Making decisions that effect your day to day happiness, your self image, your livelihood.

I look back at old posts, and I see how far I have come. I was formerly so wound up with hurt and anger at things beyond my control. I still certainly struggle with those feelings from time to time, but I know I will get past it. I’ve made amazing friends and found great new sources of inspiration. Change is always scary, but it’s necessary for survival. I like to think I’m adapting well, not just out of necessity, but in my own best interests, as well.

So, my “niche” is to be me, which is the best advice I can ever give anyone. Live a life of authenticity, rather than listening to the “you should”s and “it’s safer to”s.  My passion is living life in a way that makes me happy, and while that sounds a little selfish, it’s a huge change for the positive for me.

I encourage you to live your life authentically, honesty, with no filter.




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