Bittersweet Wisdom



When people really get on my nerves at work, or in life in general, I remember something my ex once told me: the opinion someone has of you in no way changes who you really are, unless you let it.

It’s profound, moreso due to the source. If there are positives to be taken from the experience, that is certainly one of them.  Remembering this bit of wisdom is like jumping into ice cold water. But it does hold true and I like to believe my ex and I had been great friends, just not a great couple.

I’ve had a rough few days at work, lots of clashing personalities. It makes you want to call in. Then I remember what my ex said, stand a little straighter, and move on.

Discussion:have you ever received invaluable wisdom from someone who is no longer in your life that you still use? Please share that wisdom in the comments.


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