A Restorative Weekend

This weekend I traveled about 2 hours south, to spend time with my boyfriend and volunteer at a charity bike race. It wound up being a very restorative weekend. I tried to keep myself “unplugged” and just really enjoy the moment I was in.

It was fantastic to see so many people ride their bicycles to raise money for charity. I don’t have the final numbers, but I know at least $10,000 was raised for Water For Africa. Doing volunteer work (if you can call cheering people on, spending time with friends, helping the cyclists and basking in the sunshine “work”) has always been very therapeutic for me. I can easily forget any troubles I have and feel like I’ve made a difference for the life of another, even if it’s a tiny thing.

I also took time to simply be still. Sitting in the sun next to the pool, I sat and just listened to the breeze, the birds. Not having any thoughts, any worries was wonderful. It’s been too long since I’ve simply relaxed, not doing anything or thinking of my next post/project/the day job. I encourage everyone to just unplug, get a little vitamin D courtesy of the Sun, if you can. I am back home now, but feeling optimistic and refreshed, ready to tackle another busy week. The time away gave me a renewed desire to keep going with school, with new posts and maybe even a new ebook.

Finally, volunteering for charity always gives you perspective, makes you aware of just how blessed/dare I say spoiled we are. Social media makes it easy to find causes to support, but  it also makes it hard to actually do something. A tweet, retweet or Facebook “like” is not the same as going out and actually doing something tangible. If you are able to help, please, go out and do so. The reward is greater than anything you can find on the internet, I assure you.

I’d like to invite you all to share your favorite cause in the comments, and definitely tell us about any upcoming fundraisers/events that need support!




2 thoughts on “A Restorative Weekend

  1. This sounds like such a peaceful weekend! Glad you were able to tune out the rest of the world and focus on things that are important to you! And might I agree that there is something completely meditative and restorative about dangling feet in the water and admiring nature. Our pool finally opened a few weeks ago and I love going out there after a long day and watching the sunlight dance on the pool bed. Cheers to take time for yourself and helping others while you’re at it!

    • Thanks Eileen! Ironically I take care of other people at work all week, you’d think helping on my weekend would not happen. And I was thrilled to just sit and breathe later in the day.

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