Quasi-Scientific Spa Saturday!

It’s time to follow up on my almost-scientific experiment! It’s been a long while since I posted a Spa Sunday in which I review fantastic items. I’ve been trading off natural/organic face washes and “chemical” face washes. I used each for a minimum of 5 days and really paid attention to how my skin looked and felt after each switch.

I started off with a “chemical” face wash-Neutrogena Visibly Bright. I call it “chemical” as it includes at least 8 ingredients I cannot pronounce (thankfully no parabens) as well as sugar cane extract, Orange fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, sugar maple extract and soybean protein. It states it’s supposed to make your skin brighter and refreshed in just 4 uses and is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. I only managed to use this 3 days, or a total of 6 washes. I’ve always had pretty good luck with Neutrogena, but this face wash made my face feel weird and the smell was rather strong. Upon reading the bottle now, I see it’s listed as “oil-free”, which may be part of the problem. I have found “oil-free” washes make my skin a bit unhappy, however this wash seemed to cause a pretty bad breakout along my jawline. So, definitely not the wash for me.


I reverted back to a natural soap, rhassoul clay and yogurt soap from Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve, whose products I have reviewed before. My skin liked this one better, but still a little dry. I have what I call “freaky combination skin” where it gets a little bit broken out/oily, so I switch soaps, then it gets over dry. However, if I use a heavier moisturizer I wind up with clogged pores. So it’s difficult to find the right balance of clean and moisturized. I will be discussing my findings on moisturizers in the next Spa post. This soap cleared up the blemishes I got either from or while I was using the last wash, but I started to veer into the “too dry” area again.

I next used Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula brightening formula face wash. Of the more “chemical” washes, this was my favorite. It did have natural ingredients, such as licorice root extract, peach leaf extract, raspberry and apple extracts in addition to propylene glycol for the “chemical” portion. The first time I used this wash, I noticed a tingly sensation-nothing awful or long lasting. Some reviewers stated they didn’t like the smell of the cleanser, but I honestly didn’t notice it, especially after the Neutrogena. I did notice that my face seemed brighter and places where I had discoloration from previous birth control pill use faded. I actually got several compliments on my complexion while using this soap, always nice to hear.


The final facial cleanser to review (which I am still using) is Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser. I had received about 4 recommendations about Origins, so I purchased the Skin Protecting Facial Kit. This kit includes the cleanser, Age Defense Skin Guardian,  a charcoal mask and antioxidant moisturizer. All the items come in an adorable eco friendly pouch. This was the best bang for my buck as Origins is higher in price and I’m pleased with the results. I plan to review moisturizers in another post, but I will say the charcoal mask is the best mask I’ve ever used. It really draws out the impurities and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The cleanser does a great job in removing make up without overdrying. I’m glad I listened to the recommendations, this may end up becoming a permanent part of my skin care regimen.


My mother has always told me that I “have champagne tastes on a beer budget” and my skin (and stomach!) are further evidence of this. I feel better eating healthier, though it’s more expensive, and my skin looked and felt better using the natural products that were more expensive than my usual Target purchases.  In future posts, I’ll be reviewing moisturizers and body skin care items. I also plan to attempt to make my own mineral powder and vitamin c serum (oh the ideas I find on Pinterest!).

If you know of any awesome natural/organic brands, tell us all about them in the comments!


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