Tuesday’s Thoughts or Go Ahead, Keep Calling Me Crazy


credit:abduzeedo.com via Pinterest

I’ve been labeled as crazy, mostly by people who only know half of half of my story. It’s fine, they can think that. But in addition to crazy, I am: lovable, sweet, sassy, funny, sexy, strong, giving, compassionate, skilled, determined, calm in emergency situations, witty, sarcastic, flexible, hopeful, and creative. I think we all need to be a bit crazy, to completely “own” our crazy.  Being “crazy” means there’s been few times in my life when I say “I wonder what would have happened if…” I take chances, stand up for what I believe in and am not afraid to piss people off. If that’s crazy, that’s fine.  I’d rather be true to myself than fit someone’s ill-defined notion of “sane”. To me, it really says a lot if someone condemns another due to an actual circumstance of mental illness-a whole lot of nothing good.

A little empathy and looking inside ourselves would make this world (and being a woman) so much better. Ok, off my soapbox now.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts or Go Ahead, Keep Calling Me Crazy

  1. This is great! You know what I love the most about this? The fact that you can see so much good in yourself. More people should be able to do the same for themselves. Also, I like crazy. Crazy just means that you’re real.

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