How I spent my Sunday

Sorry I’ve been absent of late. Really focusing on rebuilding my spiritual life and I’ve rediscovered my passion for arts and crafts. I remember my grandma putting a big shirt on me and a floppy hat when I was a kid and telling me I was an artist. I always loved crafts of all kinds. I painted furniture for my mom when I was a teenager, I make jewelry, I continue to try to paint  and have always had a love of vintage furniture and old, cool treasures. My dream job is to be Danielle on American Pickers.

I moved into a condo a few months ago, and it was still really looking “just moved in”. I’m still trying to find my decorating style and since I’m living by myself, I can decorate any way I please. However, I don’t have unlimited funds, so I’ve started to craft things when and where I can. I have started several Pinterest crafts (finished 3!) and I went to a barn sale with my mom today. It was so amazing to explore all the wonderful things for sale in the picturesque barn. I had to fight the urge to buy every gorgeous handcrafted quilt there. I found some great things, and finally got one Pinterest craft put up in my condo!


I found this broken but awesome wash board, tons of canning jar rings/lids (hello wreath!) and a cool crate with a blackboard side so you can label the contents.


I also found amazing glassware, retro cookbooks, and the picture on the left is my Pinterest craft, now on display in my condo! It’s a wood mirror I stained using coffee, vinegar and steel wool (learn how I did it here ). I was so excited by the weathered look I achieved with the mirror. I am definitely influenced by rustic design, with vintage touches. I suppose a lifelong tradition of receiving hand-me-downs makes me appreciate older things, unusual things and things that were built to last.

Also, I took time out to thank God for the amazing things He does for me every day. I’ve been trying to develop a deeper relationship with God, and I will say I feel a lot more at peace. In all, it was a great Sunday and I am looking forward to the rest of the week. I hope to share more completed Pinterest crafts with you all soon! If you have finished any crafts, please share them in the comments!!


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