There’s a lot of benefits to having 6 aunts. Endless laughs, great advice and running buddies are just a few. When you’re decorating on a budget, the aunts come through again with items I can use for the urban farmstead:


One aunt runs a coffee shop and got me coffee sacks. They’re great and still had a few loose beans in them!


I am hoping to use one for wall art, the others I plan to turn into pillows. Storage in my farmstead is always an issue. I’m always reconfiguring, trying to purge what I can and battling the confines of space in my condo-cum-farmstead. So my other aunt, who owns an antique store, found me some vintage crates:



I’m hoping to be able to empty out an unsightly plastic tote and place the contents in these. A lot more attractive and way easier to move.

It was a tough week for me emotionally, but knowing I have great family and friends to support me and encourage my creativity is wonderful. I love looking around and recalling the origin of the pieces in my urban farmstead. Also, one DIY project will be finished today, so I hope to have pics up tomorrow!

Have a great weekend and go give one of your aunts a hug!


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