No-Sew (Unless You Want To!) Burlap Coffee Sack Pillow!!

Since I’m feeling a bit “up” the last few days and autumn is upon us, I’m decorating for the new season and trying to use all the odds and ends I’ve been collecting. As I referenced in yesterday’s post, my aunt got me some coffee sacks to use as decorations. I decided to turn one into a pillow. I’ll give you my extremely informal how to (complete with screw ups) so you can create one for yourself!

I started with checking which sack I wanted to use, then headed to the craft store. When you make the pillow with a form, you can use whatever size or shape you want, but since I can’t sew and wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing, I got a 16×16″ square. The burlap is going to fray and it isn’t soft, so this isn’t really a “cuddle” or bed pillow, it’s going to go on my loveseat. I got a remnant of fabric for the back of the pillow (and for a bit of softness) and I grabbed no-sew heat and bond tape. It’s essentially heat-activated fabric glue strips, which makes me happy because I only know one stitch and I don’t have the patience to try to sew all four sides.


I cut the burlap sack into a 20×20″ square, far larger than the pillow form I bought, but to allow myself a margin of error, if you will. I bonded the burlap to the backing after cutting a square of that, also. The bonding is quite easy to use, you place it where you want the seam and heat it, then peel off backing and placing second fabric on top and sealing that once more with heat from your iron.


I created an envelope of sorts, seaming the three sides, then inserting the pillow form. I had more than enough fabric, and the form is loose within the pillowcase, but it was better than coming up short. I didn’t remember to fold the top back to create the same seam as the bottom, and I should have folded the burlap back before seaming to avoid fraying. But, hindsight is always 20/20 and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out nonetheless. I added a blanket stitch on the left and right of the pillow, to help prevent the burlap from fraying and for a little more color.


So, obviously the blanket stitch is optional, but if you want a little more secure seam and a bit of color, go ahead and add the stitch. I think that my pillow came out really nicely for winging it and I have another coffee sack that is the same, so I can have a set of pillows once I make the second one!


So there is the no-sew pillow! Rustic and upcycled and coffee-licious on this National Coffee Day!!


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