Medicinal Properties

I’m tired. Tired of doctors offices, blood tests, psychiatrist visits, being poked and prodded. No real progress made as far as my migraines go, but at least I got this unsettling photo out of the neurologist visit:


Totally thought of the movie Marathon Man when I saw the chair…

I just want to feel better already. Only two months into my bipolar diagnosis and I’m already so tired of taking medications to just feel neutral. Sometimes I feel this is karma delivering unto me for all the rotten things I’ve done, the nasty thoughts I’ve had and it doesn’t add up. I don’t think I’ve ever been this awful. So we roll back to science and medicine and attribute it to biological defects within my brain, a nice clean answer.

Karma, biology, the weather, whatever it is, I wish I could get a break here. Hopefully back to a more positive mindset soon.


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