ThanksGreening Day 3

Today I’m especially thankful for my friends. There’s quite a few people I am blessed with who stick out the rough spots and enjoy the good times. I’m also especially thankful for one friendship that was rekindled after a couple years of silence. Apologies were made, forgiveness was granted and one of my pillars of support is once again there.
I think new beginnings are grand. I love to see new life crop up in previously dormant things. Today’s DIY craft reveal is a quick recycle/upcycle that is really going to help me in the kitchen.

I hate to throw away a useful container, it’s got a good seal and helpful handle. Perfect for storing my gluten free flour, my sugar as well as lots of other things. So I put a couple coats of paint on it (spray paint probably would have worked better, FYI) and applied a “chalkboard” label.

Voila! A new but not new storage container, perfect for kitchen, pantry, laundry, etc.
Have you ever rehabbed an item to give it a new life? Please share your DIY’s!!


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