The last two weeks have been busy! I’m feeling a little low the past couple of days so I took some time to observe things more graciously and simply to lift my mood. Here’s some highlights:


My veggies are growing! They’re holding up well to the heat and I look forward to fresh salads and snacks soon! Great to see my work paying off!


These gorgeous copper earrings were a gift from my sister. It’s nice to get little care packages from her, though she could send an empty envelope and I’d be thrilled.


Off to find a new coffee shop in my neighborhood this week. We all know I love coffee but I especially love buying local and supporting small business. Hoping I find a new great place to enjoy.


Love this mug! This depression that is coming in like a fog has darkened the joy I felt following vacation. Sometimes a simple reminder, like the one on this mug, can put a smile back on my face.

I’ve been reading on so many blogs about simplifying and appreciating what you have and what is. It’s something that is on my mind a lot lately and I expect to be writing more about that soon. Until then, take a little time every day to be still and be present!


One thought on “Images

  1. I love the photos. I try to find little things to boost up my mood, too. It’s hard, sometimes, to stay focused on positive things when the negatives bear so much weight. Keep reminding us all of those nice things that help us through this hard time that we call life.

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