The Flu

I write this post in the dark, my nose stuffed up, a nasty cough barking out every now and then and aching muscles. Ugh, it’s the flu.
Despite feeling like roadkill I will be going to my therapist appointment later, equipped with tissues, sanitizer and possibly a mask.

Debating discussing my feverish dreams. I usually don’t remember dreams, but the ones I am having in my fitful sleep are interesting to say the least. From my ex fiancee’s girlfriend turning into Ursula from The Little Mermaid to buying a new house with a secret tunnel, they are just plain weird. Maybe they mean something, most likely that the fever cooked my brain.

I feel that illness can often be a sign to slow down, that we push too hard. I am guilty of that for sure. My careful routine to control my bipolar symptoms has gone out the window which has me worried. In any event, just wanted to update you dear readers and remind you to take care of


3 thoughts on “The Flu

  1. Oh no, you poor gal!!!!! Ugh – being sick with the wicked FLU on top of everything else is just such a nightmare. Those dreams sounded absolutely bizarre!!! Why our brains/bodies do that to us when we’re sick, I’ll never understand.

    I send you strong healing “vibes” (I’m a hippie at heart) and I hope you can taste your beloved coffee with an unstuffed nose really soon. I also hope you can restore your routine to help with the bp symptoms – believe me, I understand the significance of that!

    (((big hugs))) and it’s good to hear from you!!!

    • Thanks Dyane, glad to say I’m feeling so much better today after getting some more rest. And yes, the dreams were weird and some were even scary! Most important improvement: I am drinking coffee again!

      hugs back to you!

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