A Little Progress

Yesterday’s outing with dad was tiring, but fun. I’ve been a bit depressed but it seems to be clearing up. Not sure if it’s the sun finally appearing, if it’s me taking time to take care of myself or both, but I’m feeling a little better. One of the first signs I’m getting depressed is I just stop caring what I look like. As you might remember, I used to review green/natural/beauty products and I really enjoyed it. It just got to be too expensive and when I didn’t care what I looked like, I felt like a fraud talking about looking good. I don’t know I’ll be starting to review the items again, but I am at least using them again. For months, it was basic shampoo and soap in the shower, not even putting lotion on in the frigid cold, which dried my skin out something terrible. I simply felt too exhausted and didn’t care. I didn’t wear makeup, even to work and I wore my hair in the same simple style day after day.

I’m sure my crush at work has something to do with my renewed interest in looking good, but it also feels good to do something selfish, like pamper my skin and hair. So, I found a few new organic beauty lines with affordable items to try and I’m back to taking the time to look like a lady. I updated my hairstyle a few days ago and started using real, actual facial cleansing balm. Taking the effort has improved my self esteem a little bit, I was told yesterday that I still pass for a teenager!

I’ve also started to use my essential oils again. I purchased some doTerra oils from Jenn over at bipolarmomlife.com and the lavender is really helping me sleep. Anyone with chronic illness or depression knows that sleep doesn’t come too easily, so glad to say applying some lavender to my feet before bed is definitely helping. I believe I will be taking the lemon with me to work to help me find focus during that midday slump. I am also looking into the Bach Rescue product line for other relaxation aides. Big thanks to my darling Jenna at jenna-kahn.com for her post on aromatherapy items/other non medication sources of help a few months back!

Still struggling with the pain of fibromyalgia, but I think the key to this is to learn to pace myself. I’ve become very good at removing myself from stressful situations, and saying no when something isn’t helpful for me. But I tend to move at about 1000 mph, and I need to learn to slow down or I’ll wear myself out and bring on another flare. I’m also stretching nightly and intend to get back into my full pilates sessions once I finish titrating up on my fibromyalgia medicine.

So, readers, what non-medication sources of relief and relaxation do you use to help cope with mental/physical illness? And how can you tell when things are starting to take a positive turn? Please share in the comments!


4 thoughts on “A Little Progress

  1. I’m so happy you’re taking better care of yourself, Lisa! :)))) I know the feeling! I’m also tickled over your crush at work….it’s fun to read about your experience with that!

    I also use doTERRA for relaxtion and to lift my spirits – I love the lavender and Wild Orange, and a while ago I splurged on the Serenity, the Citrus Bliss, as well as their Balance. I also blew $ on Rescue Remedy’s tincture, which does help me in a subtle way to take the edge off my anxiety. (I like their gum too!)

    As far as providing relief, the #1 habit that’s making a big, positive difference is working out on my elliptical to music every day. I always feel better after I do it, but I know how tough it is to fit in when you’re working…plus you have the challenge of fibro., but I’m pleased to hear you plan to resume pilates – I’ve never done it, but it seems hard!!!

    • I can never master the proper breathing for pilates, but I still enjoy doing it. It’s kind of similar to yoga and I feel so much better after I am done. Gaiam has a great starters dvd that is easy to follow. It’s got 4 separate 20 min workouts so you can choose one or do them all. I was thinking of getting the Bach Rescue Gum (the rescue spray says 27% alcohol or something- not a good idea when I work in medicine!) and I used my peppermint essential oil today to beat that midday slump- worked like a charm! As for my crush, we talked again today and of course I left work walking on air 🙂

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